Flagpole Installation & Repair

Commercial and Residential Flagpole Installations

With a professional line of quality U.S. made flagpoles, Bob’s Flags and Banners provides all types, including ground set, shoe base, tilt down, roof top, wall mount, outrigger, yardarm and more.

Installations are performed by professional, licensed contractors who are trained and equipped to safely install large flagpoles and banner displays.  Fee estimates are always available.


We specialize in repair and maintenance of commercial, industrial and institutional flagpoles from 30’ to over 100’ in height.

Whether on top of or in front of your building, our professional staff has the knowledge and experience to repair your flagpole or banner display 

Flag Flying at night with dramatic lighting.
The right lighting produces dramatic effects.

   Repair services include:

  • Re-roping or Halyard Replacement 
  • Hardware Repair or Replacement
  • Flagpole Painting
  • Flagpole Lighting Repair
  • Flagpole Removal or Relocation
  • Flagpole Foundation Repair
  • Flagpole Straightening*
  • Flag & Banner Installation


Bob’s Flags and Banners offers a complete line of flagpole lighting fixtures with solar, standard powered or combination lights for residential and commercial 24 hour flag displays.

For flags continuously displayed, proper lighting is necessary to meet requirements of the U. S. Flag Code.  We can recommend a correctly sized flagpole lighting fixture, and ensure its professional installation.

For more information, download our brochure here.  For a free estimate, please contact Bob at 760-247-2301 or via email at Bobg@bobsflagsandbanners.com.

*From base only.  A flagpole damaged above its holding base is generally not repairable and may have to be replaced.