About Us

Three flagsOur American Flag represents our beliefs, values and dreams; it is an inalienable part of our culture and psyche.

Understanding this is fundamental to the reason that Americans, regardless of ethnicity, creed or religion, should produce the materials and provide the processes and labor that make our American Flags.  The vast majority of the American public prefer their flags made in the U.S.A.

The Flag Manufacturers Association of America proudly endorses the Valley Forge Flag and Annin Flagmakers Made in the U.S. A.’ label on each flag they manufacture.  Eder Flag Manufacturing Company, Inc., produces only America Made flags, is employee owned and operated, and has become the largest company in the United States which manufactures both flags and flagpoles.

Bob’s Flags and Banners is proud to to be an authorized dealer for Annin Flagmakers, Eder Flag Manufacturing Company and Valley Forge Flag Company.  We are very proud to sell their wide variety of quality products; there are no better flag manufacturers in the world!

Sewn into every stripe is our pledge to protect freedom.
Stitched into every seam is our honor to our brave.
Embroidered into every star is our pledge to support our country and its friends.

Thank you for purchasing your American Flags from Bob’s Flags and Banners!

Why Bob’s Flags and Banners?

As a twenty-year U.S. Army Veteran I am saddened when I find cheap and badly made American flags for sale that have been tacked together in a foreign land.  For many reasons this is not right, so I started this web site with the firm belief that we Americans should be able to purchase quality American flags made in the United States by skilled American workers!

Donald Trump with FlagBob’s Flags and Banners sells only the highest quality, U.S. made American flags, state flags, specialty flags and indoor/outdoor banners.  Our commercial outdoor flagpoles are also U.S. made, but smaller flagpoles, some hardware and other associated devices may not be made here.  We always try to procure our products from U.S. manufacturers.

Annin FlagmakersEder Flag Manufacturing and Valley Forge Flag Company are our primary suppliers.  If you can’t find an item you need on this website, please click on a primary supplier above, browse their website and record their item number for the product you wish to purchase.  When you finish shopping, simply close their tab at the top of your screen and you will be returned here.  Tell us the number of the product you desire using our Contact Us page, or call our office at 760-247-2301.

Please be aware that although our primary suppliers maintain extensive websites, they only sell their products through approved dealers.

Complete descriptions of materials used in construction of our flags are available on our Flag Construction Notes.


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Items for sale on this website are arranged by category (outdoor, indoor/parade), then by the material from which they are constructed, then by size.  Please refer to Flag Construction Notes above for further assembly details.  A brief description about the durability of your new flag is available when you click on the flag swatch (image) shown.

If you have questions about flags in general, please click Frequently Asked Questions.  If you need to know which days to fly your flag, or how it should be displayed, please click Flag Etiquette.

Please feel free to browse as long as you like.  We welcome your comments and suggestions sent via ourContact Us page.  If you need immediate assistance, please call 760-247-2301 and ask for me, Bob Giovannucci; I’ll be glad to help.

Thanks for visiting Bob’s Flags and Banners, and for buying your American made flags from us!